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This is about so much more than buildings. This is about building relationships and people. This is about refusing to accept the way things are, and creating something better.

It's such a simple gesture: put a child in a red sweater and send them to school. Provide food for each student every day. Watch them grow. Empower them to question how they, too, can better their family, their village, their world. It's a ripple effect. It's profound and it's not difficult.

This is also not your traditional aid model. This is about keeping kids out of hospitals and in the classroom. Red Sweater Project brings together global resources and skills to create sustainable solutions locally. A community donates their own land, their own resources, and their energy because they know the status quo has to change.


There are needs to be met immediately, such as food and medicines, and then there are needs that take time. We're interested in both. And invested in both. By taking a holistic approach to education, our students are equipped with reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as confidence, critical thinking, and a voice of their own. They begin to hope and plan. Now they're in control.