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Imagine you're 13 years old. Now imagine walking 10 miles every day to get to your 7th grade classes, braving the scorching sun or torrential rains, evading wild animals and possible sexual assault, just to learn English or Algebra. Your parents are discussing your marriage this summer to a man twice your age, because they desperately need the dowry and can't afford tuition at the only institution that offers you a better future: a school 20 kilometers away with 120 students per classroom.

Kids in Mungere Village, Tanzania face such a reality. They are hungry for education and go to great lengths for the opportunity to learn. Families make huge sacrifices to get a single child through school. Few can afford to educate all of their children; most choose the oldest son, while the daughters stay home and are responsible for taking care of the household.

That's why Mungere is the site of our current project. We broke ground in 2012 on the community's first secondary school and, today, The Mungere School serves 105 students and families. The campus will eventually serve over 300 students each year utilizing the following resources:

    • access to safe water and sanitation
    • basic health services with health-based education and community outreach
    • sustainably-designed infrastructure with composting toilets, renewable solar energy powering
       computers and internet access
    • an organic school garden and dining facilities serving two nutritious meals each school day
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Visiting Tanzania?

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Plans to visit The Mungere School?

Visit us in Mungere Village on your Tanzania tour. Located just outside the bustling town of Mto wa Mbu, we have lots to offer the travel enthusiast interested in an authentic experience! Visit The Mungere School and learn about sustainable infrastructure, experience local living by sharing a meal in a student's home, experience a true Maasai tribal ceremony, or hike to secluded waterfalls with breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley escarpment. Book a visit today!
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