For the first time, Red Sweater Project is launching its official Ambassador Program! Now, friends of Red Sweater Project, without the added commitment of joining a formal board, can promote the organization in the ways you already know and do best!

Participants in the program help to grow the Red Sweater Project family by promoting the project among their own family and friends, building a stronger network of supporters, and sharing the goal of transforming the lives of children and entire communities through education.

Because of varied commitment levels, this is a great way to formally join the Red Sweater Project, and we hope you would consider becoming part of the Red Sweater Project Board of Ambassadors. We want to recognize and thank all potential ambassadors for your efforts, and we would be honored if you would join us in this new program.

    With the help from the Red Sweater Project team, an Ambassador can do the following:

  • • Become an annual $1,500 contributor, either through giving or their own fundraising efforts
  • • Can host a small event in your home – or help with a larger special fundraiser or a school project
  • • Visit the Mungere School or volunteer with RSP in Tanzania if interested
  • • Encourage others to visit the Mungere School, participate in service projects, and engage with students
  • • Allow us to share with others your Ambassadorship status online
  • • Help us engage and grow our online community

We're honored that you've partnered with us so far, and we'd like to formally recognize you for your support as we continue to grow.

We're excited to take this next step with you! To join the Red Sweater Project Board of Ambassadors, simply email and our team will send you an introductory informational packet about the program and support you in your first project launch.