Screams of joy have been ringing out across the Mungere campus as the Form IV students finished their final exams.

After months of study, nervousness, and lack of sleep, the 29 girls and boys are now finally free. The group really pulled together to ensure each classmate had the best chance of passing all 13 papers. They know the importance of these National Exams, which decide their final grade for all four years of school.

Yohana Mibaroi, 19, explained, “I have been studying so hard over the last ten months but it has all been worth it. I have only really had about four hours’ sleep a night for the past year so I’m tired! Hopefully I can progress to Form V and VI before going to university to do medicine.”

His classmate Happyness Freddy, 18, said, “I have been studying into the night with my solar light and then waking up at 4 a.m. to study. I really am so excited to have finished. It has been difficult but I love to learn.”

Security has been tight during the exams, with guards living at the school to protect the papers. The students now face an agonizing four-month wait while their papers are marked. Their grades will decide if they are eligible for further studies. Mungere School is hoping to begin its Form V program with as many students as possible from the current Form IV.

Deputy Headmaster Msafiri Ramadhani explained, “It is no exaggeration to say their whole future depends on these exams. They have been really feeling the pressure but I feel very confident they will all pass. . . . These students come from such poor families and they would never have been able to go to secondary school without Red Sweater Project. By now, 90% of the girls would have been married off with children while their male counterparts would also be stuck in the cycle of poverty.

“My hope for Form IV is that they can now become good citizens. They are educated, disciplined, and can now help their families and communities."