Since opening in 2012, each year the Red Sweater Project's administrative staff is tasked with the challenge of selecting a new class of students. With more than 100 students vying for less than 30 spots, it’s no easy job. 

This year, 130 students came to campus to register. With the help of the teaching staff and Operations Manager Shaban Abdul, Executive Director Ashley Holmer and the team performed eligibility interviews with each of them. Every child who met the admission requirements was invited to sit for an entrance exam in January, testing their skill level in math, reading comprehension, writing and creative thinking. 

The top 60 were then asked to return and sit for a second surprise exam, which tested students in math and spacial awareness. All who showed up on day two also got a chance to sit with the selection team for an official admission interview. Staff are looking for responses that express creativity, confidence, ideas surrounding areas of leadership and a clear desire to dedicate themselves to their own education. 

After evaluating the exams and interviews, team members visited the homes of the 29 students who best demonstrated the characteristics and education level the school looks for with starting Form I students. 

As a rural school with students living in areas difficult to access and across hilly terrain, the selection team must head out in Red Sweater’s trusty 4x4 truck to ensure they reach each of the more remote homes. Visits serve to verify the prospective students live within the boundaries from which the student body is selected, as well as to talk to parents and family members about their commitment to the child’s education and future success. 

After weeks of careful selection, Red Sweater Project is very excited to welcome the 2017 Form I class. Karibuni to Mungere’s newest class of students!