Imagine a small, single-story building with two classrooms in the middle of beautiful, undisturbed grasslands. There is no running water or electricity. Only 40 students, 3 teachers, and a few dedicated individuals ready to make a new school thrive.
That was the beginning of the Mungere School and Red Sweater Project in 2011. Literally building from the ground up, Founder and Executive Director Ashley Holmer developed a successful educational program with minimal resources, motivating people both locally and internationally to contribute towards a worthy project.
Starting its inaugural year with just 40 students, a single classroom and a lot of love, Mungere has grown immensely. The school is currently educating over 140 students in high school and post-graduate programs, with hopes to expand the campus with each  year. The school has already made a name for itself as a community gem, with unsurpassable teaching methods, producing students that consistently receive high marks.
With success comes more growth, and thus came the next step to construct another school building. This was the inevitable next step to allow Mungere to continue on its successful path. The new construction would provide two more classrooms and two offices for teachers, so everyone was very excited to have additional space.
From October 2017 through January 2018, Ashley worked with RSP Operations Manager, Shaban Abdul, and 11 dedicated workers to ensure the building was completed safely and efficiently. The work was hard and the days long, but the motivation flowed to make sure the students and teachers of Mungere could have adequate space for their classes. By the end of January, the new building was complete and the school was ready to take on its next class of Form I students!

In addition to the new classroom building, many more projects are in the works, bringing with them lots of excitement to envision what the campus will look like in just a few years. With good work comes great reward, and everyone at Mungere is thankful for the good work that continues to occur everyday both on and off campus.
Red Sweater Project thanks the Lewis River Rotary Club and the Wanda B. Mays Memorial Fund for their donations to make this project possible. Visit our website to learn more about how you can contribute or support one of these important projects.
Would you like to come visit us at Mungere School? Visit our volunteer page to find out more about how you can join Red Sweater Project in Tanzania.