Every year when spring comes, the saying  “April showers” takes on a whole new meaning at the Mungere School. While the long rains are a welcomed change from the heat and dust, as well as a vital factor for new crop growth, the rainfall can also cause intensive flooding, often with little notice. In an unprecedented circumstance, Mungere was unfortunately forced to close for two school days due to rising waters, which made the trip to campus impossible both for vehicles and on foot.

On most days, the rainfall leaves behind large puddles of water and mud, but students and teachers can still make their way to school. However, these last few rainfalls didn’t just create puddles, but flowing rivers and waist deep waters, created by the surrounding Great Rift Valley escarpment. “The water brings lots of debris, insects and thorns from other places. We have to be careful when we walk,” says Form IV student Nipael Lucas when asked about walking in the heavy rains. Items swept away in the waters could end up at anyone’s doorstep, creating additional problems on top of the excessive water.
On average, Mungere students will walk or bike anywhere between 30-90 minutes just to get to school each day. When these paths are suddenly overrun with strong currents, it becomes all about the safety of our students. “When it rains, we have to wake up extra early so we’re not late for school,” Form IV student Mariam explained one particularly rainy morning at school. “It’s not fun, because it gets really muddy and sometimes you fall. Then, you are wet and cold at school.”

But, the rain is not the worst thing in the world for these students. “The rain is nice because the animals have food and water, and the crops grow nice and big,” Form II student Edward said with a smile on his face. “It’s a good thing, even though sometimes it’s hard for us.”

It’s nice to hear that Mungere students are happy to make their way to school regardless of the weather. Form IV student Violet was especially excited to share her reason. “I want to come everyday so I can see my friends and learn new things with them. Then we like to quiz each other!”

Form I student Sophia was also happy to provide her motivation for attending Mungere everyday. “I love the food we eat, and the activities we get to participate in. It’s a lot of fun.”

Having friends, good food, fun activities and opportunities to learn new things are all part of the Mungere School experience and, it seems no matter what kind of weather falls upon our students, they are excited for the chance to participate -- rain or shine.