It's easy to forget that sometimes small actions can change the world.

When I think back to my decision to volunteer in Tanzania and to start a rural school there, they seemed like small actions, too. But I have seen the influence of global communities that have turned the tiniest of actions into solutions that reach beyond continental borders, lifting children and families out of extreme poverty.

This fall, join the Red Sweater Project as we launch our new initiative, Small Plates, Big Hearts: Small Acts Changing the World. This transformational series of dinner parties would be hosted by you, someone who wants to make a difference, and would seek to expand the community of those familiar with the Red Sweater Project's accomplishments in Tanzania!

The best way to grow our network remains true to the small communities that support us: a personal introduction from the friends and family who know us best. This means that we need your help this fall to make this campaign possible.

Would you please join us and host a dinner?

Your role is simple: Invite your friends and family over for an evening by hosting a dinner party or focused gathering as casual or formal as you would like. We'll provide you with the assistance you need to reach out to others to launch your event, print resources and information, and a video from the Red Sweater Project to show at the end of the evening. Would you like a visit from someone from Red Sweater Project? Tell us how we can help!

Hosts across the country will be joining you for a wonderful series of events in 2017. There's no formal fundraising request, requirement of attendees, or mandated goals — just a fun and informative evening to discuss global education and how one small program is making a BIG difference in providing children with opportunities for a future greater than they thought possible.

Will you join us?

Ashley Holmer
Founding Executive Director

Email to sign up / for more information